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Clare Goodwin

Eidg. Preis für Kunst

links: Louise (2010) Acryl auf Leinwand, 40 × 30 cm
rechts: Ken (2010) Acryl auf Leinwand, 40 × 30 cm

It's summer and Louise is finding it hard to concentrate in a stuffy prefab school room stale with the breath of those trying to explain things to people who really couldn't care less. She sits, knotted with the effort of trying to disappear, in a compulsory sex education class, hands under the desk silently thumbing through the pages of a book.

Each sheet bears scrappy evidence of Louise's inner life; who she might become and what she hopes to experience if given half a chance. There are swatches of material, song lyrics and notes from books that will never feature on any curriculum. She glances down at a textile square, an ethnic formation of hot colours and angular shapes, and blushes at a memory of rewinding the Betamax through "Jesus Christ Superstar”. "Listen, Jesus, I don't like what I see...”, sings Judas, loud, too loud in her head, the moth caress of material fluttering against his bare, sweaty, brown chest.

Miss Brown normally teaches science yet now, here, she appears mildly allergic to the grubby biology of procreation. Gothic and intense, she often forgets to put a thick black ring of kohl around both bulgy eyes. Mouthy Tanya reckons "it's sad, all a bit Alex”, some psycho guy from a film Louise has only ever seen a poster of. Today, the twitchy Miss Brown is making them watch some obscure government health film about chickens and eggs, which if you didn't already know how babies were made would give you little or no extra clues.

At least that couple are not involved, Louise thinks to herself, that hairy bloke and his long-haired woman from the sex book. She wonders what it would be like to meet them in real life given that they are so embarrassing a spectacle to witness in graphite... especially through a half-open drawer on her father's side of the marital bed, under the squirrelled selection of hotel milks they use every morning when the Teasmade goes off.

When "it” happens to her things will be diffferent. Whatever "it” is the experience will not be defined by the thin walls of a semi, or the feathery marks of a dubious drawing, she thinks, finally losing her grip on the day to a mental cocktail of heat, light, foreign fabrics and flesh. Rebecca Geldard, 2010

1973 Geboren in Birmingham
Lebt und arbeitet in Zürich

Künstlerische Biografie
1996-1998 Royal College of Art, London, MA Painting

2005 Hidden Heat, StaubKohler Gallery, Zürich
2006 TV Shop Un-Plugged, Message Salon, Zürich
2006 Kunst Zürich Solo Platform, Rotwand Gallery at Kunst Zürich, Zürich
2009 Moments of pleasure don't last forever, Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf
2009 Clare Goodwin, UBR Gallery - Ulrike Reinert, Salzburg
2009 Still Lived, Rotwand Gallery, Zürich

2007 Swiss Art Awards, Messezentrum Basel
2008 On my way to you, do you fancy something, Galerie Une, Neuenburg
2008 Prague Biennale, National Galerie Prag
2009 Coalesce, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam
2009 Swiss Art Awards, Messezentrum Basel
2009 I am by birth a Genevese, Vegas Gallery, London
2010 In Transit, Rotwand Gallery, Zürich

2006 Werkbeitrag Kanton Zürich
2009 Eidgenössischer Preis für Kunst
2009 Werkbeitrag Kanton Zürich
2009 Collection Cahiers d'Artistes 2010, Pro Helvetia


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Ausgabe 14  2010
Künstler/in Clare Goodwin
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