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Artists in Residence

Richard Höglund with the number 20

Photo caption: Richard Höglund · Un désir qui naît de la joie/un désir qui naît de la tristesse, performance, 2010

Surrounded by a park, not far from the centre of Geneva, in the municipality of Lancy, a red building rises into the sky: the Villa Bernasconi. It was built in the first half of the 19th century, and was privately owned until the Lancy local authority bought it in 1991 in order to make it accessible to the public.
The activities of the house could be most accurately compared with those of a small multi-disciplinary cultural centre: along with art exhibitions, readings of contemporary authors take place and children's book illustrators are introduced to a wider audience. Furthermore, the mansion is one of the few places that opens its doors regularly to the comic world. The annual festival Mai au parc offers a colourful pot pourri of music, theatre, dance and the plastic arts.
Since 1999 the Villa has become an artists' residence every summer. In one of the exhibition rooms of their choice, the artists can set up camp. Cultural workers from different disciplines are chosen from their submitted portfolios. Their stay is publicised through either a 'work in progress' presentation, a public workshop, or an exhibition.
This year, the American artist Richard Höglund (born 1982) is staying at the Villa Bernasconi. During his second stay in Switzerland he will produce a site specific work. This is part of a long-term project entitled The true definition of man does not involve any consideration of the number 20, in which Höglund traces the origin of meaning. Texts, prints, paintings or historical writing can serve as sources. The source of the appropriated material is always acknowledged with a footnote in order to make the interpretation of the extracted elements easier. Drawing is an important first stage and is central to Höglund's practice. He describes the medium as a methodological testing ground. From there, Höglund lets loose with videos, performance, photography, text and installation. Along with the exhibition, the artist has arranged a group performance in the form of a race, which will take place at his opening on the 2nd September. Titled Un désir qui naît de la joie/un désir qui naît de la tristesse, twenty runners with the number 20 on their backs, will cover the distance from Mamco to the Villa Bernasconi. One can only hope that they will be cheered on by a large audience along the route.

This interview is published with the support of the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia Moving Words for the Swiss advancement of translation.

Translation: Paul Harper

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Ausgabe 9  2010
Ausstellungen Richard Höglund [02.09.10-03.10.10]
Institutionen Villa Bernasconi [Genève/Schweiz]
Autor/in Madeleine Amsler
Künstler/in Richard Höglund
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