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Luca Frei

Eidg. Preis für Kunst

Untitled (1994-2010) Print on canvas

Beaubourgs are appearing here, there and everywhere. The last to date are those in areas 13005 and 37000. Abroad, those in CH 1007 and GB RG9 3AU and, from memory, the neighbourhood of San Vito in Milan, entirely beaubourgised, the Halls of Miracles of our days. In France alone, in numerous cities in the provinces where there are usually good relations between those elected and the owners of land that can be built on and where there is more on offer than need for industries wanting to establish themselves, local councils easily let go of building sites and hangars. We are also looking for old factories, rent-controlled housing that nobody wants any more, abandoned cooperative basements, which are easy to transform on the inside (the walls, that which concerns the external world, are of no importance to us). Albert Meister, The so-called utopia of the centre beaubourg: An interpretation by Luca Frei, Book Works, London 2007

1976 Nato a Lugano
Vive e lavora a Malmö, Berlino e Lugano

Biografia artistica
1997-2000 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (BA [Hons] Drawing and Painting)
2000-2002 Malmö Art Academy, Malmö (MA Fine Arts)

Esposizioni personali
2009 Luca Frei, Istituto Svizzero, Milano
2009 Statements Art Basel, Basilea
2010 The End of Summer, Museo Cantonale d'Arte, Lugano [cat.]
2010 Balice Herling, Parigi
2011 Studio Dabbeni, Lugano

Esposizioni collettive
2009 Cornelius Cardew: Play for Today, The Drawing Room, Londra
2009 Search For The Spirit, M HKA, Antwerp [cat.]
2009 Swiss Art Awards, Centro Fieristico Basilea [cat.]
2010 Berlin-Paris, un échange de galeries, Galerie Neu/MD72, Berlino
2010 12th Cairo Biennale, Palace of Arts, Cairo [cat.]
2011 Aufruf zur Alternative, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf [cat.]
2011 Imagine Being Here Now, Momentum Biennale, Moss [cat.]

2009 Premio federale d'arte, Ufficio federale della cultura, Berna


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Ausgabe 14  2011
Künstler/in Luca Frei
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