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Christopher Füllemann

Eidg. Preis für Kunst

Fields and feelings/vue d'exposition (2011) Mixte Photos: Namsa Leuba

Recently, with the discovery of the ceramic medium, I've found a way to incorporate more permanent but still delicate elements into my work. The malleability and delicacy of the diverse materials I usually use evoke the feeling of living almost performative structures. I create ceramic forms that interrogate the familiar utilitarian shapes they recall, like hooks and handles. The shapes of decorative objects such as plants and balloons con-
tinue this idea of putting a new gaze on the quotidian ways these objects mediate the spaces we inhabit. Fields and feelings invite the spectator into a poetic journey.

1983 Né à Lausanne
Vie et travaille à San Francisco

Biographie artistique
2004-2008 Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) (Diplôme Arts visuels)
2010 San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), San Francisco (Master in Fine Arts)

Expositions individuelles
2007 1, Espace Bellevaux, Lausanne
2008 Sculptures neons, Cosmic, Lausanne
2009 Extastik, DOLL, Lausanne
2009 Turmoil, Vitrine 13, Lausanne
2010 Scale Split, Les Urbaines Festival, Lausanne

Expositions collectives
2009 Panic, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne
2010 Minipic, Pauline's, New York
2010 Swiss Art Awards, Centre de Foires de Bâle
2010 Come inside, swell gallery, San Francisco
2011 Masterpiece, Espace Valentin, Lausanne [cat.]
2011 Art en plein air, Môtiers [cat.]

2008 Prix Manganel


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Ausgabe 14  2011
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