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Susana Perrottet

Prix Caran d'Ache

links: Suzy (Suzanne Perrottet 1889-1983, Susana Perrottet 1975) Inkjet on fine-art photopaper, 2011
rechts: Visión Compartida Photo and animated drawing, sound, video still, 2011

"I focus on reading ‘between the lines' of our reality. The perception of the unmaterial, conscious and unconscious episodes in daily life, like dreams for instance, have the same importance and value to me.
I also feel that our ancestors live on through us. We share and fulfill some of their dreams, wishes and hopes. We and they are alive at the same time. [...] With all this gathered informa­tion, I build my own landscape of our reality.”
Susana Perrottet, a Swiss-Peruvian artist who grew up in Lima and Zurich. These two realities led her to question our perception of life, space and time. Dreams, documentary techniques and observation of little unexplainable phenomena merge into her artwork.

1975 Geboren in Lima. Lebt und arbeitet in Zürich·
2004-2007 Fine Arts, F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign Zürich·2005-2006 Fine Arts, Corriente Alterna, Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes, Lima·2007-2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich ·2008-2010 Master of Fine Arts, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich

2004 Susana Perrottet, Rampe 66, Zürich·2008 Compenetración, Zwinglistrasse 40, ­Zürich·2011 Visión Compartida, Kunstraum Baden (Kat.)

2009 Elisabeth Steinschneider presents, Kunstmuseum Bern·2010 Videographics From Peru, Fundación Alianza Hispánica, Madrid·2010 Mutatis Mutandis, Galería El Ojo Ajeno, Centro De La Imagen, Lima (Kat.)·2010 Werkbeiträge Kanton Zürich, F+F Schule Zürich·2011 Café des Rêves - eine Videoausstellung, Helmhaus Zürich·2011 Reality Check, Ausstellungsraum ­Klingental, Basel·2011 Kollateral - Collateral, Das Esszimmer - Raum für Kunst, Bonn

2012 1. Prize, VIP MFA Art Fair


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Ausgabe 14  2012
Künstler/in Susana Perrottet
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