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 1978 Geboren in Como. Lebt und arbeitet in Chiasso und der Welt·2003-2009 Staatliche ­Hochschule für Bildende Künste - Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Meisterschule mit Tobias Rehberger

Hanna Hildebrand

Eidgenössischer Kunstpreis

If all that remained of our century was a garbage bag Videoinstallation und Mixed Media, 2013

"If all that remained of our century was a garbage bag” introduces the complex and ambiguous position of information, interweaving anthropologic research, journalistic documentation and fable-like narration.
The attempt to visit the largest trash yard of the globe becomes an excuse to crystalize contemporary myths and let emerge global dynamics, observing them in an abstracted form, creating a link between a reality level and an oneiric one through the distance given by the presence of paradoxes.
The installation is made by the balance between a film and two further local visual elements: newspaper piles from Basel and the official garbage bag of Chiasso. The research of truth, clarity and understanding for which the piles of newspapers seem to be standing can not be fulfilled if not in a form of a display of fascinations.
"A Hollywood film crew could shoot there spectacular sequences.” In this unreal location, out of medias domain, not represented enough and even obscured, only unreal battles can take place: spectacularization seems to be able to go even beyond information.
At a certain point it appears evident that it is not possible and not even necessary to have a total image of the place I am looking for: the realm can not be seen, it is too huge to be contained, can be represented only through its borders and perimeter confirming that in any case the garbage network is connecting the whole globe.

Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl):
2011 Displacement Channel, basis Künstlerhaus, Frankfurt am Main (Kat.)·2011 A shop is a shop is a shop is a shop, Carrozzeria Margot at Artissima Lido, Artissima, Torino·2012 Caminando, mientras platicábamos, La Rada spazio per l'arte contemporanea, Locarno

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl):
2009 Dude, where's my career?, Portikus, Frankfurt am Main (Kat.)·2009 Behaving almost normal, Performance Project, LISTE, Basel (Kat.)·2011 Swiss Art Awards, Basel·2012 O, Laboratorio Arte Jorge Martinez, Guadalajara (MX)·2012 Machine Wilderness, ISEA2012, Albuquerque (Kat.)·2012 Una fine che non finisce di finire, La Rada spazio per l'arte contempo­ranea, Locarno·2013 Errors Allowed, 2013 Biennale del Mediterraneo, Bjcem, Ancona (Kat.)

Auszeichnungen/Preise (Auswahl):
2008 Price for the best foreign student at a german academy, DAAD, Deutschland·2009 Absolventenpreis Städelschule, Städelschule Portikus e.V., Frankfurt·2009 Atelier-grant of 12 months, Künstlerhaus Basis, Frankfurt am Main·2012 Research-grant of 6 months, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico


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Ausgabe 14  2013
Künstler/in Hanna Hildebrand
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