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 1976 Nato a Roma. Vive e lavora a Zurigo·2000-2001 Magnum Photos, New York, ­internship·2003-2008 Atelier Jimmie Durham, Rome, assistant·2003-2004 Master with Friedl Kubelka, Vienna, master in photography·2004-2006 Atelier Franz West, Vienna, assistant

Marco Fedele di Catrano

Eidgenössischer Kunstpreis

Senza titolo/Tagesbogen Installation, 2013

The re-appropriation of the space gets through the chance to carve out an autonomous, intimate and reduced space of research in which moving. The obstacle to its enjoyment is evocated by the obliqueness of the glass wall, which hangs over those who enter, like a window on the world, on the edge of the fall. It's a vertical fragility, increased by the horizontality of an irregular wall of cement, whose blocks eat up and nail down to the ground the skeleton of an unstable chair, mutilated and ready to surrender. On the opposite wall, a page from the Astronomisches Skizzenbuch by Hans Hatschek - first heir to the giant Eternit - reveals the human limits by unmasking the failure of point of view. Where the "Tagesbogen” dictates the laws of the solar perspective, the horizon gets irremediably lost in the overlap of two pages - of their lines and words -, generated by the typographical error.
Lisa Pedicino

Esposizioni personali (selezione):
2007 Perpetuum Mobile, Nextdoor Gallery, Rome·2007 North South Ovest East, private apartment, Berlin·2009 So Far So West, standard/deluxe, Lausanne·2010 Side-Back-Walk, RSTR#, Munich·2011 Unbearable Dissertation on a Broken Line, Galerie Mario Iannelli, Berlin (Kat.)

Esposizioni collettive (selezione):
2007 Spazi Incorretti, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome (Kat.)·2008 Beware Of The Wolf, American Academy, Rome·2010 The Destroyed Room, De Zwijssenhal, Tilburg·2010 Landscape On The Move, Museum Mestna Galerija, Lubiana (Kat.)·2011 Exstroversion (a project by Franz West), 54th Venice Biennale (Kat.)·2012 Pt03, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow·2013 John Cage's Experiments In Context, Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow (Kat.)

2009 Premio Movin'Up, Associazione GAI - Giovani Artisti Italiani·2010 Premio Terna 03


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Ausgabe 14  2013
Künstler/in Marco Fedele di Catrano
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