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 Darren Roshier was born in 1990 in Vevey. He ­finished ECAV art school in 2012 by organising a public exhibition questioning the value of his studies, linked with the fact of self-­declaring himself an artist. He has taken part in several exhibitions and residencies in Switzerland and Europe. Darren Roshier defines his work as "playing with the framework”. Questioning the link between different dualities: failure and success, language and form, authentic and copy etc. He playfully develops a voluntarily unclear position in the world of art. In a wider field, he is also interested in the whole process of the creation of culture. He was elected as a member of Vevey's town council in 2011, a role in which he is mostly involved in cultural commissions. In 2012, he joined the RATS collective and then organised and curated several exhibitions and residencies. Randosh Derierr

Darren Roshier

Kiefer Hablitzel Preis

Darren Roshier essaie de (re)présenter un de ses outils de représentation Acrylique sur toile, bois, papier de soie, 2014

1990 Né à Vevey. Vit et travaille à Vevey·2009-2012 ECAV, Sierre, Bachelor en Arts Visuels

Expositions individuelles:
2012 Darren Roshier sera-t-il artiste?, Ex-EPA, Vevey· 2013 Prétextes de vernissages, Yet Projects, Genève·2013 Darren Roshier essaie de (re)présenter ses trois maanden van, Sint Lucas Showroom, Antwerp

Expositions collectives:
2012 Impression, Kunsthaus Grenchen, Grenchen·2012 Adresse(s), Musée de Carouge, Carouge ·2013 Empreintes et passages à l'acte, La Friche belle de mai - Astérides, ­Marseille·2013 Swiss Art Awards, Halles U4, Basel·2013 So Swiss, Le Pavé dans la Marre, Besançon·2014 Here and now, und die Ferne wird zur Nähe, Perla Mode, Zürich (Kat.)
2014 Enfin la résidence, La friche belle de Mai - Astérides, Marseille


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Ausgabe 14  2014
Künstler/in Darren Roshier
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