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 The intellectual implications of material processes are central to Vanessa Billy's work. Not only is she concerned with the factual: the extraction of raw materials, the production and use of energy and its resultant immutable waste products, but in addition; how these chain reactions shape human thought and activity. Her work, uses a wide variety of forms and materials, from mass-produced industrial goods at the end of their production cycle to the hand-modelled and cast in bronze. Batteries and vitamin pills are suspended in poured resin, slices of processed meat are, scanned and printed as stickers, and oil drums made from blown glass contain their precious cargo. All form a network of mental and physical associations that ­articulate something of the indeterminate condition of the term "natural”.

Vanessa Billy

Schweizer Kunstpreise

links: Industry, Industry Stickers, 2014
rechts: Energy Leak Resin, batteries, vitamins, 2014 Sustain Rock, electric cables, light bulbs, 2014 Mirage Reflective foil, 2014 Extended Finger Bronze, 2014 Navel Cast wax, 2014

1978 Née à Genève. Vit et travaille à Zurich·1998-2001 Chelsea College of Art, Londres, Bachelor Fine Art

Expositions individuelles:
2010 Who shapes what, Limoncello, London·2011 Natural means something like vegetables, Christina Wilson, Copenhague·2011 Three times a day, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel·2013 Clean Cold Fire, BolteLang, Zürich·2013 Dear Energy, Sommer & Kohl, Berlin·2013 Empty the earth to fill the sky, Piano Nobile, Genève (Cat.)·2014 Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

Expositions collectives:
2009 Young people visit our ruins and see nothing but a style, GAM, Turin
2009 Boule to Braid, Lisson Gallery, Londres·2012 La jeunesse est un art, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (Kat.)·2012 Art and the city, Public commission, Zürich West (Kat.)·2012 Economy of means: towards humility in contemporary sculpture, SMOCA, Arizona, USA·2013 Collection Joseph Kouli, Mains d'Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, FR (Cat.)·2014 Emergences, Sculpture Triennale, Bex (Cat.)


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Ausgabe 14  2014
Künstler/in Vanessa Billy
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