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Job - Offers

HES-SO Genève invites applications to HEAD – Genève, Geneva School of Art and Design for the position of:

HES Lecturer in Fine Arts/TRANS – Socially Engaged Artistic Practices, Activity rate: 40%

The TRANS MA degree, one of three MA programmes of the Fine Arts Department at HEAD – Genève, provides a framework for practical work and reflection on collaborative modes of production. The programme is structured around specific features such as art as a possible vector of social transformation, the artist’s engagement in the city and the use of educational processes in collaborative artistic production. The TRANS MA champions an ethical and conscious approach to artistic work in a social context by relying in particular on alternative, critical and feminist educational methods (in connection with a reflection on new masculinities) or on the concept of transpedagogy, that is to say the action of associating art and education to create different forms of exchange and production of knowledge.

Main elements:

  • Art teaching in workshops and/or seminars.
  • Setting up of collective projects, on a 1:1 scale, in connection with social and cultural organisations and in different settings (public space, hospitals, schools, community centres, etc.).
  • Follow-up of students’ personal work and their theses until graduation.
  • Establishment of partnerships (other MA programmes in Switzerland and abroad, art schools, institutions, etc.).
  • Possible participation in one or more research projects in Fine Arts.
  • Design and preparation of artistic research activities and their public presentation (lecture series, colloquia, exhibitions, publications). 
  • Participation in critical sessions, admissions, juries, evaluations.


  • Holder of a degree from a university of art and design or an equivalent university degree.
  • Professional artist with an interest in socially engaged artistic practices and forms of joint production, for whom teaching practice is thought of in connection with their artistic activity.
  • Experience of the contemporary scene, with a network of international artistic and educational relations.
  • Good knowledge of contemporary theoretical fields, capable of embracing different methodologies of the human and social sciences.
  • Strong taste for pedagogical experimentation and reflection. Experience in tertiary education is desirable. 
  • Ability to teach and follow-up dissertation work in English. 
  • Good ability to work in a multidisciplinary team, to encourage the sharing and exchange of knowledge, and to lead collective projects.

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2022

Start date: 1 September 2022

The recruitment policy of HES-SO Genève/HEAD – Genève promotes equal opportunities and diversity.

Complete applications (incl. motivation letter, CV, copies of certificates, list of publications/examples of personal work) should be sent in electronic format to: for the attention of Jean-Pierre Greff, Director.


Genève, Schweiz