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Architecture and gardens - from Isola to Chiavenna across the Bregaglia valley

The third edition of the Biennale Bregaglia will take place from 2 June 2024 to 28 September 2024. Misia Bernasconi, curator of the upcoming edition, has chosen the village of Bondo as the main venue after an open dialogue with the local population. If you draw a line across the Bergell - from Isola to Chiavenna in Italy - Bondo lies in the geographical centre. In addition to Bondo, the entire valley beyond the Swiss border is to be included and connected by an interdisciplinary accompanying programme.

After the successful second Biennale Bregaglia in Vicosoprano in 2022, Misia Bernasconi from Ticino will replace the previous curator duo Bigna Guyer and Anna Vetsch. Misia Bernasconi brings with her a background in both architecture and art history and has already gained experience in Bergell as co-curator of «Arte Castasegna» in 2018, together with Luciano Fasciati. Misia Bernasconi is a freelance art historian.

The focus of the upcoming issue is on «Architecture and Gardens». Enchanted natural power spots, ancient trees, historic gardens and high alpine flora and fauna stretch across the entire Graubünden-Italian valley. Embedded in this cultural landscape are impressive buildings of great architectural significance

For Misia Bernasconi as well as for the association Progetti d'arte in Val Bregaglia, it was very important to involve the local population from the very beginning. Bondo is known to many people because of the tragic mountainslide in 2017, when more than 3 million cubic metres of rock broke off the Piz Cengalo and buried parts of the community. The clean-up and restoration work continues to this day and has shaped life and the landscape for years. The contemporary works of the Biennale Bregaglia 2024 are intended to invite visitors to rediscover the beautiful mountain village without forgetting the past. The interdisciplinary accompanying programme spans the entire Bergell beyond the border up to Chiavenna in Italy.

National and international artists can apply for the public call for applications with a site-specific work on the theme of «Architecture and Gardens» until 30 September 2023: An international selection committee will choose around 10 projects. The list of exhibitors and further details about the Biennale Bregaglia 2024 will be announced in autumn 2023.



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Large-scale Exhibition/Festival