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In the main building of the University of Zurich, there is a lesser-known but fascinating work of art: the Giacometti Fountain, which was inaugurated in 1914 as part of the university's new construction. This fountain, designed by Augusto Giacometti and Otto Kappeler, consists of a mosaic that was financed by the wives of the professors. It depicts two women watering a plant while mythological figures such as Satyrs and Pan add an erotic component. The artwork serves as an allegory of the creative nature that has its origins in love. Giacometti's colorful mosaic reflects his passion for abstraction and the role of color in art.

Although Augusto Giacometti is less well-known today than his cousin's son, Alberto, he was one of the most respected Swiss artists of his time. He made significant contributions to the design of the university's new building and created important works of art, including a fresco at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).


Work type
Public Art


Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich
Main Building UZH, Floor F
8006 Zurich


Title Country City Details
Universität Zürich
Kunstsammlung Kanton Zürich