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Timur Si-Qin (b.1984, lives and works in New York) engages with the relationship between contemporary society and nature. In contrast to many dualistic conceptions around technology and the environment, he sees these two realms not as antagonistic opponents or rivals, but as collaborators; humanity, including all of its civilizational and technological achievements, is rather an integral part of nature. In his artistic exploration, this worldview extends to an interest in the functioning of ecosystems. Using motifs frequently derived from our natural environment, Si-Qin creates elaborate digital models and renderings that become quasi-independent organisms. The artist grants us access to the resulting visual worlds, particularly in the form of sculpture and photorealism. His solo show titled Ecotone Dawn refers to the so-called “ecotone”, which in ecology refers to the transitional zone between two different ecosystems or biotope types; typical ecotones include forest edges or shoreline zones. The nature of the actual separation or boundary can take various forms; permeability and interaction are variable, but ecotones as a whole are characterized by increased biological diversity. As hinges for interaction between bio-diverse areas, ecotones are also bridges for the affects of climate change.


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