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Scholarships, workshops, competitions

from 8thto 21ndJuly 2024
at Baixi in Genoa

The project “Artisti nel Bosco”isyeta young initiative, in its thirdyear of activity, which hosts Italian and internationalartistsin biweekly residencies.  In collaboration withthe Baixi Association, it particularly supports the research of artists sensitive to the relationship with the natural environment by enhancing and promoting sculpture projects and installations that draw inspirationfor reflection in the landscape and natural surroundings. The project is located in Baixi, a place of considerable naturalistic value locatedwithin the municipal perimeter of the city of Genoa. Its secluded position, while remaining in close contact with the urbanized area of the Pegli district, has preserved a suggestive natural environment closelyrelated to the presence of the river, the adjacent wooded area and small nuclei of rural construction.

This year the proposed theme is Metter:
Constantly urged to inhabit the digital, we find a moment to focus on the essential meaning that matter has and on the ambivalence generated by its being the starting point and arrival of infinite transformations.

The Baixi association offers:

  • accommodation in an independent house surrounded by greenery
  • meals, shared with the guests of the structure present at that time
  • workspace, and equipment for the realization of the project
  • a budget of up to 200 euros for the purchase of the necessary materials
  • organizational and technical support
  • accompaniment on arrival anddeparture
  • meetings, workshops, visits
  • support to facilitate exchange with local interlocutors or institutional counterparts in this area
  • an event at the end of the residency period open to the community

Participation in the selection is open to Italian or foreign artists who have reached the legal age. The artists who adhere to the proposal will have the opportunity to develop the project fora sculpture or installation that will be permanently positioned in the external area of the association (forest, meadow, stream) in a position to be agreed upon jointly.
Priority will be given to worksthat will mainly use the natural material available on site.

During the residency period the artist is invited to share his path in the realizationof the work through studio-visits, meetings or workshops.

The documentation must be sent in pdf format to the email address by April30th, 2024It will be the responsibility of the organizing committee to evaluate the proposals and invite the selected artists by May15th, 2024


Baixi in Genoa, Italy